ty/ler (lefauxmiroir) wrote,

if you lived here, you'd be home now.

So I've lived in New York for one whole month now.

I've seen Sarah Jessica Parker up close and personal and schmoozed with Pete Yorn. Saturday, I'm going to meet some Project Runway 2 alumni and Tim Gunn. I feel like celebrities are more accessible here.

I have my own apartment, and I love it. We need a coffee table and some art in the living room, but mostly, its just fabulous.

Probably I'm getting a dog here soon. I was two seconds away from getting a shelter dog, but she was snatched out from under me. I miss little Jackie O.

Oh, one of my favorite things about living in New York? Different foods from all over the world for every meal. I had falafel delivered to my door in under 20 minutes tonight. The BEST restaurant so far was last night's visit to Applewood, right near our apartment. It's charming, the help is painfully nice and well-versed, they have the most amazing bluefish dish and chocolate cake to die for. Oh, and celery root frite!

Work is boring. My store opening has been pushed back for the fourth time yesterday and I usually do nothing at other people's stores. Really. I sit there sometimes and stare at the wall. Maybe one day I'll actually work again.

And, may I add... Project Runway is really heating up. I'm so glad Laura won. When they brought back Angela and Vincent I had to turn it off for a little bit cos it made me kind of sick. All's well that ends well, though, and I'm glad Kayne was finally kicked off. Talk about tacky fucking mctack. Also, though I really like Uli, she's become quite the one trick pony. And Jeffery has had his moments but he is overall too unsophisticated for some of these challenges. He makes all recovering alcoholics look scuzzy. So hopefully Top Three is Laura, Michael, and Uli.

I feel like I should have more to report. I'm kind of sleepy now, though.
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I thought I'd written you a comment in here, but I guess not. Or you ignored it and deleted it? What happened? I guess I won't see you at all.. nevermind.
Oh, no, no! I saw it but I guess I didn't unscreen it. I haven't gotten internet since I moved here, so we steal it from other people in the building and sometimes it doesn't work, so my internet is crap. But, uhm, of course! We need to finally meet. It's been too long... I was actually just telling my roommate about you on the subway the other night.