ty/ler (lefauxmiroir) wrote,

i got an agent in rome. shit, i got a gallery in new york.

I've been goinggoinggoing for the past week. I was in Vegas for three days, came home for two to work, then went to LA for a work conference for the past two days. I'm finally home, at least for a week or so, before I have to go and find a place to live in New York. Three states in three weeks. I feel like I'm on one long flight with lots of layovers. I'm fucking exhausted but I've gotten several books that I've been meaning to read out of the way. Road trips are fun when you don't have to drive. And when you sell your car, you never have to drive. Its fucking awesome.

So Vegas was really fucking fun... we stayed at Hooters, which I initially had strong reservations against, but it was totally totally rad there as the larger hotels get a bit overwhelming and there, it was easy to find people I was with when I didn't know where they were. Also, they had a really great pool and a great bar with the World Cup playing in the mornings.

LA was actually really fun. I always want to stab my eyes out before these kinds of work events but all of the speakers turned out to be really inspirational and spiritually nurturing. The thing I love about Starbucks, especially in the two years that I've been running my own store (fuck, this is my fifth goddamn year for a job that was going to be my after college class job), is that upper leadership focuses primarily on nurturing you as a person and empowering you to make decisions based on what you feel to be right in your heart. I hope that as Starbucks becomes less my focus and more just my job as I move out to school, that I don't lose that in my move. I know that the culture is different in NY, but quite frankly, my quick success in Starbucks can be attributed to simply my relationship building skills and vulnerability and integrity, things that aren't necessarily typical business success drivers. The stores I've visited out there as a customer have been really, really shitty compared to what I know and I hope that doesn't break my spirits about the company.

In LA, I also got really fucking drunk and was approached by Thomas, one of my old co-workers/close friends that I had a really huge fucking falling out with maybe 4 years ago. We ended up hanging out and talking until about 1:30am, which is an incredible mind-fuck. But I'm really glad that happened. I feel like a lot of closure is coming my way soon, which is terrifying and refreshing because I feel like I'm pressing reset on my life here in a couple of months.

I bought a 4 shot Lomo the other day. I need to buy some film today and I think I might go to the Del Mar (San Diego now, right?) Fair with my family as its my last couple of weeks at home. Also, I need to go get those bags that sucks the air out of clothes and shit or I am never going to be able to pack as much clothing as I need tomove with without getting like five semis to move it all. I have SO MUCH TO DO coming up here.

Also, don't play WordWomp on pogo.com. Its embarassingly addicting and quite sad. Also, I have been making tons of playlists lately, which makes me feel like I'm wasting my time, but really, it makes driving easier. Ah. We never change, do we?
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