ty/ler (lefauxmiroir) wrote,

with fists that are ready for more

As admittedly strong as Bush's news conference is sounding this morning -he is more self-assured and poised and less stumbling than I have seen him in ages, if you're listening to what he's actually saying, his policies and ideas are still fucking idiotic.

I still don't understand how he can so boldly sidestep why it is we're in this muff-up in the first place. There was a fantastic editorial in the Times last week about how Republicans, and especially this administration uses a "boogeyman" to intimidate voters. Although this administration had a perfect boogeyman in Bin Laden, they chose Hussein to scare this country into war with. There's all this terror terror terror. The editorial alluded to the administrations grasping at straws to create another boogeyman in social issues to regain confidence in the American people and how they were choosing to go after gay marriage to scare Americans (this was the day that gay marriage ban was in front of congress) and how there's so much to worry about in the world right now, she didn't see why villifying two old men that want to get married in Vermont was such a priority.

As for Iraq, his defense of violence as an essential element in the war is understandable but barely stomachable. I agree with him that if we pull out from Iraq at this point, there will probably be strong reprecussions with as much as a boiling pot of violence and radical behavior and hate there is for America over there right now. He keeps screaming optimism, but does he fucking remember at all why its such a mess over there right now? Why is America so fucking insistent that our way is the best? Did we really need to help them establish a democracy? He swears that they all want us to be there, that they all want change, but I don't think that its just radical groups fighting us over there, resisting us... our Marines are fucking massacring and beheading children over in Haditha for fuckssake and we're wondering why there's such a resistance to our occupation.

He also laughs off Republicans losing control of the House and Senate and refuses to put a timeframe on the restructuring of Iraq and American withdrawl. People respond to boundaries and time limits and with no end in sight for this bullshit, I don't understand how he can win back any approval from America.
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