ty/ler (lefauxmiroir) wrote,

i hope it isn't showing, but i think i love you.

I have been hungover since Thanksgiving Day. Its already December 3rd.

Shelly came out Thanksgiving night and I had a wonderful week with her. Did lots of New Yorky things. Saw the tree, Central Park, all of my favorite neighborhoods, rode the Staten Island ferry, saw Conan O'Brien, saw Shortbus again, drank and fucking drank some more. My brother also came out last weekend which was really nice. And then Joanna was out here until yesterday. There wasn't a single night I didn't drink. And some of those nights, I was throwing up like crazy.

Kaitlin finally came home the other night and we went to the first night of Unisexxx Salon at the Delancey. It was really weird and really fun. There were midgets and fat, s&m clad girls on the bar dancing to Kylie Minogue and the like. Saw Mr. Jay Brannan there, though, where I proceeded to insult him a bit. He's such a sociophobe, its kind of silly that he's becoming such a public figure. He's like the new gay Cat Power. Regardless, we're returning to Unisexxx next week to see John Cameron Mitchell and PJ DeBoy DJ. CANNOT FUCKING WAIT.

Last night I was out until 4am. The Stills played the Bowery two nights in a row and they guestlisted me for both of them. Both shows were as always fun and amazing. There were lots of hugs and drinks and conversations to be had. I just found out they're going to be releasing "Helicopters" as a final single off the record which is nice because I don't think a Tim song has ever been released as a single. Met Dave's girlfriend and had a good chat with her and Kaitlin. She's beautiful and they make one smart couple. Timmay played host to me and brought me beer. We talked about Turkey (the country) and music and a little about movies amongst other things. Wound up crusing over to Lit Lounge with them where the beer was free and smoking was okay inside. Got to go in the little VIP cave in the back where it was ridiculously tiny and ridiculously fun.

Today I'm going to take it easy for the first time in weeks. Maybe brunch. Maybe walking around alone, seeing Volver if I can this afternoon and some light laundry and apartment cleaning. To compound all of the effects of the lack of sleep and drinking, I'm on this medication for my leg that makes me dizzy and turns my pee orange. I need some rest. Definitely Arrested Development. Definitely more napping. Definitely time to detox.
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