ty/ler (lefauxmiroir) wrote,

what's a wolf without a pack?

I'm feeling really, really nostalgic this morning.

Mostly, I just keep wondering where my idealism went. I really miss being at home and sitting on the internet for hours, learning nothing in particular, accomplishing nothing but daydreaming about things I could be doing.

Also, I really miss plopping down in front of the tv and having an incredible appetite for classic film. Mostly, I watch really bad tv lately and when I do watch a movie at home, I swear, I pick the most watered down things that I've already seen that I don't have to focus on. I feel like my cinephile tendencies have suffered from a bit from lack of nurturing.

I guess I feel like lately, I just don't dream enough anymore. I feel like my idealism has faced too many challenges in the past year or so.
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