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what if what it was it isn't now?

I have spent the last several days willing my left leg out of entropy. So I had these markings on my upper thigh that were presumably infected bug bites. One had gotten noticably bigger since this last week; on Tuesday evening, it was fully affecting my walking. I practically limped to Manhattan on little sleep at 11pm to see Emily Haines. By Wednesday, I was shot. I went to a meeting and by the end of it, ended up taking the bus home, pretty much crying the whole way because it hurt so bad. When I got home, Kaitlin got a car and took me to the ER at the Methodist Hospital by our house where I waited in pain for three hours before I had a large chunk of flesh cut from my leg. Seriously. I was crying and thrashing. Even on two percocets and two stabs of whatever the fuck was numbing my leg, I screamed for at least 10 minutes scaring the shit out of Kaitlin and everyone else in that room, I'm sure. Turns out that they had to cut an abcess off of my leg (it looked like a tumor). Basically I got some sort of staff (staph?) bacteria in a hair follicle/pore and it got infected really, really bad.

I've been home pretty much for two days now, barely moving, hopped up on Ultracet. On Thursday, I could not walk. Its better now. I went back to the ER today to have the pack of gauze removed from the hole in my flesh, and I actually saw where all the blood and puss had drained from: this hole (literally. not a cut or gash, a HOLE, no exaggeration) about the size of a quarter, maybe a little more than 1/4 inch deep, covered in dry puss and blood.

This has been the most painful, mortifying experience of my entire life, for sure. Brooklyn ERs are a joke. At home, you have to wait, but definitely not as long as I waited. Its a sick joke. I'm recovering now. It hurts to walk, but I can do it now, and I have to go to my new primary on Monday to get a referral to see a surgeon (hopefully Tuesday) so I can get all of the skin hacked away from the hole when it gets more closure.

Anyway, thought everyone would want to know about that. I will definitely need this committed to memory in the case that I think I may be in pain ever again in my life. This entry should serve as a reminder that I was pretty much bled to death and I'm working on coming out the other side of it.

Some more exciting things that came before! I met Tim Gunn and a ton of Project Runway Season 2 designers in SoHo last weekend. Alison from this season shot the breeze with me a bit. I'm pretty sure that I'm in love with her.

Speaking of love, I also, as mentioned, saw Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton play in support of her solo record, and possibly my favorite album of this year, Knives Don't Have Your Back. Seriously. Go out and get this shit. Its essential to everyone that may be reading this journal. Her voice is great. She is beautiful. The lyrics are genuine, and raw, and heartfelt, and distinctively her. Its a very different experience than a Metric show, but its so wonderful in a completely different way. They played the entire album in the tracklisting order. And there were Guy Madden images on the screen the whole time that complimented the music perfectly. Also, Joe's Pub is officially my favorite venue in New York so far. All in all, a great, great night.

Also, because I haven't gotten around to it, let me introduce you all to my newest roommate (I got her a week ago tomorrow), my second daughter, the girl that's kept me sane through the past couple of days that Kaitlin has been away and I have been compltely tied to my bed or sofa, ladies and gentlemen, meet Stella:

She is a 10 month old Chihuahua Pomeranian who was rescued from a kill shelter and adopted out to me by one Mr. Sean Casey, who runs perhaps the best animal shelter in all of Brooklyn. She's so freaking adorable and playful and pretty well-behaved (she's a food beggar, that's my only complaint), and she's already housebroken! Can you believe someone would give up such a wonderful dog?!

Anyway, it was hard to live without a dog. She'll never replace my little Jackie O. but I love her.
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