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too many alsos

“I used to feel so alone in the city. All those gazillions of people and then me, on the outside. Because how do you meet a new person? I was very stumped by this for many years. And then I realized, you just say, ‘Hi.’ They may ignore you. Or you may marry them. And that possibility is worth that one word.” — Augusten Burroughs, Running with Scissors

That quote was a Starbucks "as I see it" quote on the side of a cup. I love that.

Also, also, there's so much going on. Celebrations of my departure abound and I find myself waking up in different houses of friends every morning. Usually with a dry mouth and a pounding head. I digress, mostly because celebrations are most definitely in order.

Also, I have really, really great friends and they've been so sweet. My store got me a $100 giftcard to Macy's. I don't really shop at Macy's, but I've been perusing online and there's tons of household things I need which I can get with it, so good thinking store! That was really nice of them. Also, I've been getting lots of really other great presents. My DM got me a Netflix subscription which will be nice considering how much I spend on buying movies that I typically don't rewatch. Some of my long term customers brought me things... I've gotten several books and lots of other stuff. The point is, I am thinking about moving away more often because you really hit the jackpot with presents. Its like Christmas.

Also, also, also, I booked my flight for Sunday so if anyone wants hang out and get fucked up anytime between now and then, I am, most definitely up for it.
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